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( क्या आप इमोश्नल स्टेटस के दीवाने है? )

nowadays we emotion ? to post short videos on Social Media as a full screen video status Everyone emotion to share memorable stories and moments with their beloved ones.

Express your emotion to share emotional quotient status to your girlfriend ?, boyfriend ? , husband ?‍, wife ?‍, love?, sweetheart ?, darling, honey.

To connect with a person, It is very important to share some emotional Status for WhatsApp download with that special person.

This collection of Sad Emotional WhatsApp and Facebook video Status in Hindi will be really helpful for you. An Emotional story occurs to everybody at any time of yet different. Find out 30s second Emotional video Status for Boyfriend or Girlfriend. Stay inspired and optimistic that your Emotional love history will certainly change into a joyful one.